May 20, 2014

PAN Card indicating Mother's Name

Mother's Name on PAN Card

Form 49A and Form 49AA have been revised vide CBDT Notification dt. May 16, 2014, to allow applicants to opt for having mother's name printed on PANCARD, under the Income –tax (5th Amendment) Rules, 2014. 

Now either parent's name may be chosen instead of only father's name. This form is not yet applicable and we need to wait for publication of this Notification in the official gazette.

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Babu Lonappan said...

The new requirement for PAN demands date of birth supported by either passport, school certificate, driving licence, birth certificate or marriage certificate. If any of the these are lacking, the date of birth must be certified by a Judicial magistrate.Much publicized Aadhar or I D cards issued by Election Commission will not suffice the requirement. This is unjustifiable in several situations where the senior citizen/applicants may not hold a passport ,driving licence, marriage certificate etc.As we know several couple still have to register their marraiges, resulting in failure to get DOB from marriage certificates. In all these cases, there is a genuine difficulty which can be mitigated by approving ID cards issued by Government.Please take up this issue.

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