CBIC Integrated Tax (IGST) Notifications 2018

List of Integrated Tax (IGST) Notifications (2018) issued by the CBIC, to make amendments in the provisions under the IGST Act/ Rules 2017, along with pdf copy download link.

Integrated Tax (IGST) Notifications 2018 (No./ Date/ Particulars)
Notification 1/2018 Integrated Tax dt. 23 Jan. 2018 : CBEC notifies that the Proper Officers designated under the respective State/ UT GST Act shall act as proper officers for the purpose of sanction of refund filed in FORM GST RFD-01, i.e. amendment in notification No. 39/2017-Central Tax dt. 13 Oct. 2017 for cross-empowerment of State tax officers for processing and grant of refunds.

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