Digital Locker Facility for ICAI Members/ Students

ICAI has launched Digi Locker Facility for digital empowerment of its Members and CA Students, which will provide secure and authentic access to documents kept in the digital document wallet.

The ICAI Digi Locker facility is backed by online cloud service of Govt. of India for safe & secure handling of all the important professional/ educational documents like, certificates of passing, mark sheets, Membership Certificates, Certificates of Practice, Members’ ID cards, etc. This facility provides Members with easy access to such in a manner which is authentic and legally at par with originals.

ICAI Press Release dt. 23/12/2020: Digi-Locker for ICAI Members and Students.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) through its Members & Students Services Directorate is taking various initiatives with prime objective to provide best services to its members & students. ICAI constantly endeavours to use more and more technology to provide ease of service delivery experience to our stakeholders.

In a yet another path breaking initiative and promoting e-governance, ICAI has successfully launched the Digi-Locker facility for its members and students during recently concluded Virtual International Conference. ICAI has always supported and promoted various initiatives of the Government like Digi-Locker, a flagship initiative of Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY) under Digital India Corporation (DIC).

ICAI Digi-Locker facility aims at ‘Digital Empowerment’ of its members & students by providing access to authentic digital documents to their digital document wallet. The ICAI Digi-locker facility is being provided by the Government of India, through Ministry of IT by providing an online cloud service of keeping all important documents like, certificates of passing, mark sheets, Membership certificates, Certificates of Practice & Members’ ID cards safe and secure.

Benefits of Digi-Locker to Members / Students

i) Access to Important Documents Anytime, Anywhere!

ii) Authentic Documents, Legally at Par with Originals.

iii) Digital Document Exchange with the consent of Members.

iv) Faster Service Delivery – Government Benefits, Employment, Financial Inclusion, Education, Health.

Benefits of Digi-Locker to Clients / Other Agencies

i) Reduced Administrative Overhead: Aimed at the concept of paperless governance. It reduces the administrative overhead by minimizing the use of paper and curtailing the verification process.

ii) Digital Transformation: Provides trusted issued documents. Issued Documents available via Digi-Locker are fetched in real-time directly from the issuing agency.

iii) Secure Document Gateway: Acts as a secure document exchange platform like payment gateway between trusted issuer and trusted Requester/Verifier with the consent of the Members.

iv) Real Time Verification: Provides a verification module enabling Government agencies to verify data directly from issuers after obtaining user consent.

CA. Atul Kumar Gupta, President, ICAI presenting the facility to the profession said “Accessing documents and certificates using the Digi -Locker- facility will eliminate the need of carrying physical documents. Promoting e-governance, not only storage, it also provides ready accessibility to issuers online in times of need. This facility can now be availed by our members and students at just the click of a mouse, by following a specified procedure.”

CA. Nihar N Jambusaria , Vice-President , ICAI added “ It reduces operating cycle time for various Financial Services apart from cutting down the administrative costs.”

ICAI Digi-Locker ties into Digital India’s visions areas of providing its members & students a shareable private space on a public cloud and making all documents / certificates available on this cloud.

CA. Manu Agrawal, Project Head, ICAI Digi-Locker shared “Any change in the user’s data will be reflected in real time and there would not arise a need to issue a duplicate certificate. It’s very authentic, reliable and secure.

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