Finance Act, 2019 notified by Govt. post President’s Ascent

Finance Act, 2019 notified by Govt. post President’s Ascent

Ministry of Law & Justice, Govt. of India has notified the Finance Act 2019, which has received the assent of the Hon’ble President of India on 21st February, 2019, the final approval for the financial proposals of Budget 2019 (including on the direct/ indirect taxes) for the FY 2019-20/ AY 2020-21.

Download pdf copy of the Finance Act, 2019 from the link below:

Finance Act, 2019 receives President’s Ascent: Govt. of India (GOI) Notification dt. 21 Feb. 2019

NO. 7 OF 2019

[21st February, 2019.]

An Act to continue the existing rates of income-tax for the financial
year 2019-2020 and to provide for certain relief to taxpayers and to make
amendments in certain enactments.

BE it enacted by Parliament in the Seventieth Year of the Republic of India as follows:—


1. Short title and commencement: (1) This Act may be called the Finance Act, 2019. (2) Save as otherwise provided in this Act, sections 2 to 10 shall come into force on the 1st day of April, 2019. (Contd… please refer the above attachment)

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