Form BEN 2 Filing Due Date Extended upto 31 December 2019: MCA

MCA extends the last date for filing of Form BEN 2 upto 31 December 2019 without payment of any additional fee.

Form BEN 2 Due Date extended upto 30 December 2019 vide MCA General Circular 10/2019 dt. 24 Sept. 2019

Sub.: Relaxation of additional fees and extension of last date of filing Form BEN-2 and BEN-1 under the Companies Act 2013- reg.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has received representations regarding extension of the last date {or filing of e-Form BEN-2 without additional fees on account of certain new aspects which require further examination and clarification. The matter has been examined and it is hereby informed that the time limit for filing e-form No. BEN-2 is extended upto 31.12.2019 without payment of additional fee and thereafter fee and additional fee shall be payable. Consequent to the extension in the date of filing of e-Form BEN-2, the date of filing of Form BEN-1 may be construed accordingly.

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