GST Self Help Portal and Step by Step Guide for Taxpayers

GSTN has recently launched a new Self Help Portal for help of Taxpayers under GST from 23 January, 2018. Also, GSTN has issued ‘Step by step guide to lodge a complaint/ issue on Grievance Redressal Portal’. The Taxpayers can login to to report issues and problems relating to GST System/ services, by creating service request tickets with facility to view/ track status thereof from time to time. The mail id to discontinue.

New Self Help Portal will enables taxpayers to articulate and explain the issues faced by them in an effective manner. This new facility will enable taxpayers to:

i) Raise tickets themselves by providing all required information;

ii) Reduce to and fro communication between the helpdesk and taxpayers, helping to reach a faster resolution;

iii) Check the progress of his/ her ticket that was raised in the past, with latest status;

iv) Check the resolution comments in case the ticket is closed;

v) Get effective provision of resolution of known errors generally faced along with the links to related FAQs, etc.

Step by step guide to lodge a complaint/ issue on Grievance Redressal Portal for GST:

1. Taxpayers may access the Grievance Redressal Portal for GST at

2. Enter the keyword related to issue/ complain being faced by you in the “Type of Issue/ Concern” box.

3. System will search and show the list of all the issues with the entered keyword from which you can select the exact issue.

4. System will show the FAQ’S and relevant sections of User Manual related to that issue/ complaint. Taxpayers are advised to go through the FAQs shown which may solve the problem faced.

5. In case no match is found with the keyword entered, select the most relevant Category and Sub-Category from the drop down boxes next to the box. “Type of Issue”.

6. In case the FAQ’s do not help resolve the issue, select the button “No, I want to lodge my complaint” which will show the page to fill in the details to lodge the complaint.

7. On lodging of complaint. System will give a reference number (ticket).

8. Use the reference number to check status of complaint in future.

Tweet dt. 23 Feb. 2018: 

Q. For which issues can a grievance be raised? 

Grievance can be raised in case of following issues:

i) Amount debited from the bank account, Cash Ledger not updated

ii) NEFT/ RTGS related issues Grievances cannot be raised under the following conditions:

Q. For which issues grievance can’t be raised? 

i) Before 24 hours at debit of amount from the bank account

ii) If payment status is PAID and amount is updated in Cash Ledger.

iii) In case of E-payment, payment not initiated from the GST Portal.

iv) It Memorandum of Error (MOE) is raised against the CPIN.

v) Payment status is Failed and amount is not debited from bank account

vi) In case of OTC Payment, status is AWAITING BANK CLEARANCE and cheque/ Demand Draft is not realized.

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