GSTR-3B Due Date Extended for July 2018 upto 24 Aug. 2018, notifies CBIC

CBIC has notified that the GSTR-3B Due Date for the month of July 2018 has been extended from 20 Aug. 2018 to 24 Aug. 2018. However, it may be noted that the CBIC has set separate deadline for filing of GSTR-3B of July 2018 for taxpayers in the flood affected regions, like the State of Kerala, Mahe (Puduchery) and Kodagu (Karnataka).

GSTR-3B Due Date Extended upto 24 Aug. 2018 for July 2018: CBIC Notification 35/2018 Central Tax dt. 21 Aug. 2018

GSTR-1/ GSTR-3B Due Dates Extended for Kerala/ Mahe/ Kodagu (July-August-Sept. 2018)

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