ICAI’s Scheme for Restoration of Membership and Certificate of Practice (COP)

ICAI’s Scheme for Retrospective / Prospective Restoration of Membership / Certificate of Practice (COP)

The ICAI has announced a Scheme for “Retrospective/ Prospective Restoration of Membership/ Certificate of Practice (COP). Members can apply under this Scheme till 30 April, 2018 in Form 9 along with Applicable Fee. Those who will apply upto 31 March 2018 will get included in ‘List of Voters for ICAI Elections 2018’.

ICAI Announcement dt. 24 March, 2018

With a view to mitigate the hardships being faced by members whose names stand removed as on date due to non-payment of membership fee, the Council in its 374th meeting held in March 2018 has decided to give an opportunity by way of Scheme for restoration of their names retrospectively. By availing the scheme, the members will get benefit of the seniority of membership which will be reckoned for the purpose of eligibility to fellow membership.

Continuation of membership entitles a member to designate himself as “CA‟ and also other benefits like monthly Journal of the Institute, Newsletters of Regional Councils & Branches of the Institute, participation in the conferences, seminars and other programmes organized by the Institute, Regional Council and/ or Branch; regular update on programs being organized and initiatives taken for the benefit of the profession and members; emerging professional opportunities, practice area development, publications of the Institute etc.

Further, there are new emerging professions such as Insolvency Profession for which membership of the Professional Institute is a mandatory condition.

This is an excellent opportunity to get name restored with retrospective effect. The benefit of the scheme may be availed by submitting the prescribed application in Form 9 on or before 31st March, 2018 in order to be eligible for inclusion of name in the List of Voters as on 1st April 2018 for the election to the Council/ Regional Council to be held in December 2018.

However, the retrospective restoration of membership scheme shall remain in force till 30th April 2018. Members from whom Form 9 is received on or after 1st April 2018 but up till 30th April 2018 will get the benefit of retrospective restoration of membership but will not be eligible for inclusion of name in the List of Voters as on 1st April 2018 for the election to the Council/ Regional Council to be held in December 2018. Kindly note that the Certificate of Practice will be granted from the prospective date only i.e. the date on which Form 6 is received in the Regional office of the Institute.

For further details of the Scheme, please refer above attachment.

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