Income Tax Circulars 2017 issued by CBDT

List of Income Tax Circulars 2017 issued by CBDT

List of Income Tax (IT) Circulars 2017 issued by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) for amendments in the provisions under the Income Tax Act/ Rules (download pdf copy):

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IT Circular No./ Date/ Description
IT Circular 29/2017 dt. 5 Dec. : CBDT instructions on Salary TDS u/s 192 in respect of FY 2017-18 (AY 2018-19).
IT Circular 28/2017 dt. 7 Nov. : CBDT clarifies about provisions relating to Indirect Transfer in case of Redemption of Share or Interest outside India.
IT Circular 27/2017 dt. 3 Nov. : CBDT Clarification on Cash sale of agricultural produce (less than Rs.2 Lacs) by Cultivators/ Agriculturist shall not i) result in any disallowance of expenditure under section 40A(3) for trader; ii) attract prohibition under section 269ST for cultivator; and iii) require the cultivator to quote his PAN/ or furnish Form No. 60.
IT Circular 26/2017 dt. 25 Oct. : CBDT Order extending Due Date upto 31 Mar. 2018 for Country-by-Country Reporting (CbCR) under Transfer Pricing FY 2016-17.
IT Circular 25/2017 dt. 23 Oct. : CBDT clarification on POEM Guidelines.
IT Circular 24/2017 dt. 25 July : CBDT’s 14 FAQs/ Clarifications on Book Profit Computation for MAT Levy u/s 115JB in the case of Ind AS Compliant Companies
IT Circular 23/2017 dt. 19 July : CBDT clarifies that no TDS is applicable on GST component of invoice for services under GST regime implemented w.e.f. 1 July 2017.
IT Circular 22/2017 dt. 3 July : CBDT has clarified for the purpose of Section 269ST, all installments paid against a loan shall not be aggregated in the case of NBFCs and HFCs.
IT Circular 21/2017 dt. 12 June : CBDT has clarified the settled position of IT law on TDS u/s 194-I not to be applicable in respect of Payment of PSF Charges by an Airline to an Airport Operator.
IT Circular 20/2017 dt. 12 June : CBDT has clarified settled position of IT law on Explanation 2 to IT Sec. 132B (inserted by the Finance Act, 2013 w.e.f. 1 June 2013) which can be applied only prospectively.
IT Circular 19/2017 dt. 12 June : CBDT has clarified about the settled position of Income Tax Law in the matter of Certain Trade Advances which are NOT to be treated as Deemed Dividend u/s 2(22)(e).
IT Circular 18/2017 dt. 29 May : Revised list of TDS Exempt entities, which are eligible for unconditional tax exemption u/s 10 as well as ITR filing exemption u/s 139.
IT Circular 17/2017 dt. 26 Apr. : Corrigendum to IT Circular 13/2017 dt. 11 Apr. relating to Clarification on Taxability of Remuneration of a Non-resident Seafarer for services rendered outside India on a foreign ship, received in an NRE Account maintained with an Indian Bank.
IT Circular 16/2017 dt. 25 Apr. : CBDT Clarification on Lease rent income from letting out Buildings/ Developed Space, Other Amenities, in a notified Industrial Park/ SEZ, to be treated as business income.
IT Circular 15/2017 dt. 21 Apr. : Clarification on removal of Cyprus from the list of Notified Jurisdictional Areas under Section 94A of Income Tax with retrospective effect from 1 Nov. 2013.
IT Circular 14/2017 dt. 21 Apr. : Last Date for filing of Declaration under PMGKY Scheme extended from 31 Mar. 2017 to 10 May 2017.
IT Circular 13/2017 dt. 11 Apr. : Clarification on Taxability of Remuneration of a Non-resident Seafarer for services rendered outside India on a foreign ship, received in an NRE Account maintained with an Indian Bank.
IT Circular 12/2017 dt. 31 Mar. : Assessees, having made payment of tax, surcharge, penalty and deposit under the PMGKY 2016 Scheme, on or before 31 Mar. 2017, shall be allowed to file declaration in Form No.1 by 10 Apr. 2017 (the extended last date) instead of 31 Mar. 2017.
IT Circular 11/2017 dt. 24 Mar. : CBDT Order u/s 119(2)(a) of the Income-tax Act, 1961 regarding Guidelines on Waiver of Interest charged u/s 201(1A)(i) in the case of Assessee in Default.
IT Circular 10/2017 dt. 23 Mar. : Clarifications on Revised ICDS (I~X) by way of 25 Nos. FAQs, as per reference received from stakeholders on certain issues.
IT Circular 9/2017 dt. 14 Mar. : Clarification as to whether ‘deposits made in bank’ or ‘cash in hand’ which are eligible for being declared under the PMGKY Scheme 2016 should exist as on the date of filing of declaration under the Scheme?
IT Circular 8/2017 dt. 23 Feb. : Clarification on non-applicability of existing provisions relating to place of effective management (POEM) u/s 6(3)(ii) w.e.f. 1 Apr. 2017 in respect of companies having turnover/ gross receipts of upto Rs. 50 crores in a financial year.
IT Circular 7/2017 dt. 27 Jan. : CBDT Clarifications by way of 16 FAQs on implementation of GAAR provisions under Income Tax w.e.f. 1 Apr. 2017 to assure stakeholders that adequate procedural safeguards are in place to ensure uniform, fair and rational implementation.
IT Circular 6/2017 dt. 24 Jan. : Final guidelines for determination of “Place of Effective Management (POEM)/ residential status” of a company incorporated in a foreign jurisdiction, applicable w.e.f. 1 Apr. 2017 (AY 2017-18).
IT Circular 5/2017 dt. 23 Jan. : Measures for reducing litigation – Clarification on CBDT’s Income Tax Instructions Circulars No. 21/2015 and No. 8/2016 to reiterate that appeals against the adverse judgment should be filed/ contested only on merits, i.e. Department should evaluate the case on merits first before resorting to mechanical filing of Appeals.
IT Circular 4/2017 dt. 20 Jan. : Clarification Circular No. 41/2016 dt. 21 Dec. 2016 relating to Indirect Transfer provisions under Income Tax applicable for FPIs, FIIs, VCFs, etc. kept in abeyance.
IT Circular 3/2017 dt. 20 Jan. : Explanatory Notes to the Provisions of Finance Act, 2016 (substance of the amendments at a glance).
IT Circular 2 dt. 18 Jan. : FAQs/ Clarifications on provisions of ‘The Taxation And Investment Regime For Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana (PMGKY), 2016″.
Corrigendum to IT Circular 1/2017 : Amendments in Para 3.6.1(a), 4.9.1 and 5.5.10(d) of CBDT Circular No. 1/2017 Income Tax dt. 2 Jan. 2017 reg. Instructions for TDS on Salary FY 2016-17.
IT Circular 1/2017 dt. 2 Jan. : Instructions about the applicable provisions and rates for TDS on payment of Salary u/s 192 of the Income Tax during the Financial Year 2016-17 corresponding to Assessment Year 2017-18.

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