EPFO’s New Pension Claim Form (Aadhar)/ revised Form 10-D (UAN)

EPFO introduces New Pension Claim Form (Aadhaar) applicable w.e.f. 3 March, 2017 to replace and revise UAN based pension claim Form 10D

As per earlier instructions of EPFO dt. 23 Jun. 2016, simplified UAN based pension claim form No. 10D(UAN) was introduced in respect of all employees whose Aadhaar Number and Bank details have been seeded and have been duly verified by the employer using digital signature and the details in Form No. 11 have been completed.

Subsequently, the Central Government has notified on 4 Jan. 2017 that members/ pensioners under EPS desirous of continuing to avail pension/ membership with Central Government’s contribution/ subsidy under that Scheme, are required to furnish proof of the possession of the Aadhaar number or to undergo Aadhaar authentication.

Accordingly, the EPFO has revised/ replaced UAN based Pension Claim Form 10D with new form named as Pension Claim Form (Aadhaar), applicable w.e.f. 3 Mar. 2017, subject to certain terms and conditions, as under:

i) The AADHAAR Number and the Bank A/c number of the employee are duly seeded and digitally verified by the employer.

(ii) All the details of the employee should have already been furnished to EPFO in Form No. 11 (New), i.e. UAN process should be complete.

(iii) A cancelled cheque containing the name of the employee, Bank A/c number and IFS Code is to be attached with the Pension Claim Form.

In view of above, all pensioners/ members/ employees making application for pension claim may, after satisfying above conditions, submit Pension Claim Form (Aadhaar) directly to the respective jurisdictional EPFO.

Pension Claim Form (Aadhar) Notified: EPFO Circular dt. 3 Mar. 2017

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