Permanent Account Number (PAN) Application – Form 49A & 49AA

PAN Card Application under Income Tax

Income Tax Deptt has released new PAN Application Forms 49A and 49AA for Indian and Foreign Citizens/ Entities respectively, along with revised PAN Correction Application Form for Indian and Foreign Citizens/Entities.

1. Foreign Citizens / Entities – Form 49AA

Income Tax Department has released a New PAN application Form, i.e. PAN Card Application Form 49AA for foreign citizens/ entities, i.e. Individuals not being a citizen of India, LLP registered outside India, Company registered outside India, Firm formed or registered outside India, Association of persons(Trusts) formed outside India, Association of persons (other than Trusts) or body of individuals or local authority or artificial juridical person formed or any other entity (by whatever name called) registered outside India.

2. Indian Citizens / Entities – Form 49A

PAN applications by Indian citizens/ entities are required to be furnished in the new forms prescribed by Income Tax Deptt. Accordingly, they will have to submit their ‘Application for allotment of new PAN’ in revised PAN Card Form 49A only.

PAN Application Forms – PDF Download




PAN Correction Form or Application for-Duplicate-PAN-or-Change-or-Correction-in-PAN-Data-Indian-and-Foreigners


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