PF Members can Submit Withdrawal Claim Online; Settlement in 5 Days: EPFO

EPFO Instructions for Settlement of PF Withdrawal Claims, submitted Online by the Members, in 5 Days

The EPFO has issued Instructions to Field Formations for Settlement of PF Withdrawal Claims received in Composite Claim Form (Aadhaar), which are submitted Online by the Members using Employee’s Interface of Unified Portal, in just 5 Days, as under:

PF Withdrawal Online Claims Settlement in Days: EPFO Circular dt. 7 July 2017

1. EPFO has been making constant endeavor to improve the service delivery to its stakeholders with the emphasis on online mode for easy submission of claim forms without the need for intervention of the employers. Accordingly, a new facility has been launched in employee’s Member Interface of Unified Portal for the employees/ members to submit Online Claims based on Composite Claim Form (Aadhar) for availing the benefits under EPF (Form-19), Pension (Form-10C) & PF Part Withdrawals (Form-31).

2. For online submission of claim, members are required to complete e-KYC on the Unified Portal for submitting their claims through online mode and such claims will be available in the field office application software for processing without routing the same through their employers. For online submission of claim forms, the facility would be available only to those PF members who have seeded their KYC’s (Aadhar Number and Bank Details) against their UAN which have further been verified digitally by the employer and also from the UID database, and service details are available on the Unified Portal.

3. For encouraging the Aadhar seeding, priority needs to be given to online claims. Therefore, all the field offices are advised to settle online claims within 5 days. Efforts shall be expedited to get the Aadhar of all members verified early so that members are able to avail this facility.


A new Facility has been launched in Member Interface of Unified portal for the members to file online claims (Form 19, Form 1oC (Withdrawal Benefit), Form 31) based on the Composite Claim Form (AADHAAR). The instructions for processing the online claims received from members using Member Interface of Unified Portal in the Field Office application shall be as under:

1) The claim ids will be auto-generated in the concerned PDB and the dealing hands would be able to view the claims under the respective functionality of Form-19, Form-1oC and Form 31 as the case may be.

2) PDF‘s of the Claims that have been successfully filed shall be provided to the concerned office.

3) The claims on the member interface are being received from the member’s satisfying the following conditions:

a. Activated UAN

b. Aadhaar seeded and demography verified

c. Bank Details seeded.

d. OTP based e-KYC from UIDAI has been done by the member on the portal before submitting the claim.

4) It is expected that the concerned UAN and KYC and service details are already populated and available in the Field Office application by the time the claim is received on the portal.

5) The concerned office dealing hand can View/Print the claim under CLAIM>>Transaction>VIEWlPRINT ONLINE COMPOSITE CLAIM DA Accounts Role function.

6) Dealing hand shall process the Claims as per the existing procedure regarding the Service Eligibility, Number of Advances and other conditions.

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