Revised Procedure for Submission of Form 15G/ 15H along with CBDT Clarifications

CBDT has prescribed Simplified/ Revised Procedure for Online Submission/ Uploading/ e-Filing of Form 15G/ Form 15H (Declaration forms for persons claiming receipt of certain incomes without deduction of tax) and has issued clarifications with regard to Due Date for quarterly submission of Form 15G/ 15H by Payer and Annual Submission by Recipient, as under:

A. CBDT Amends Rule 29C and Form 15G/ 15H for Simplification of submission procedure

Section 197A of the Income tax Act provides for no deduction in certain case by submitting a declaration using Form 15G / 15H as laid down in Rule 29C of the Income tax Rules. The manner of filing such declaration and the particulars have been laid down in Rule 29C. The amended Rule 29C, w.e.f. 1st Oct. 2015, provides for online filing of self-declaration for non-deduction of tax under section 197A, in addition to paper filing.

The person responsible for paying any income of the nature referred to in sub section (1) or sub section (1A) or sub section (1C) of section 197A (hereinafter called “payer”) shall enable the payee to furnish the declaration in electronic form after due verification through an electronic process. The declarant shall mandatorily quote his / her PAN in the declaration form 15G / 15H in accordance with the provisions of section 206AA(2).

A unique identification number shall be allotted to declaration (paper /electronic). The payer shall digitize the paper declaration and upload all declarations (including electronic declaration and digitized declaration) received during a particular quarter at department’s efiling website on quarterly basis. Further, clause 5 of rule 29C provides that the payer shall also furnish transactions covered under 15G / 15H declarations in quarterly TDS statement in accordance with the provisions of clause (vii) of sub rule (4) of rule 31A irrespective of the fact that no tax has been deducted in the said quarter.

In this regard, Notification No.76/ 2015 dated 29.09.2015 has been issued for E-enablement & simplification of procedure for filing self-declaration (Form No.15G/15H) and furnishing of such declaration to the Income-tax Department. Further, Notification No. 4/2015 dated 1st December, 2015 to prescribes the procedure, formats and standards.

CBDT Notification 76/2015 dt. 29 Sept., 2015

Simplification of Procedure for Form 15G and 15H CBDT Notification 4-2015 dt. 1st December 2015

B. Procedure for Submission/ e-filing of Declaration Form 15G/ 15H

In exercise of the powers delegated by the CBDT under sub-rule (7) of rule 29C of the Income-tax Rules, 1962, the Principal Director General of Income-tax (Systems) has laid down the procedures, vide Notification No. 7/2016 dt. 4 May 2016 for submission of Declaration by a person claiming receipt of income without TDS using Form 15G /H, as under:

a. Registration: The deductor/collector is required to register by logging in to the e-filing website of the Income Tax Department. To file the “Statement of Form 15G/15H”, deductor should hold a valid TAN. Following path is to be used for the registration process:

Register yourself → Tax Deductor & Collector

b. Preparation: The prescribed schema for Form 15G/15H and utility to prepare XML file can be downloaded from the e-filing website home page under forms (other than ITR) tab. The Form 15G/15H utility can be used to prepare the xml zip file. The declaration is required to be submitted using a Digital Signature Certificate. The signature file for the zipped file can be generated using the DSC Management Utility (available under Downloads in the e-Filing website)

c. Submission: The designated person is required to login to the e-filing website using TAN and go to e-File → Upload Form 15G/15H. The designated person is required to upload the “Zip” file along with the signature file (generated as explained in para (b) above). Once uploaded, the status of the statement shall be shown as “Uploaded”. The uploaded file shall be processed and validated at the e-filing portal (list of validations are given in the user manual). Upon validation, the status shall be either “Accepted” or “Rejected which will reflect within 24 hours from the time of upload. The status of uploaded file will be visible at My account → View Form 15G/15H. In case the submitted file is “Rejected”, the reason for rejection shall be displayed and the corrected statement can be uploaded again.

CBDT Notification No. 7/2016 dt. 4 May 2016 Procedure 15G/H e filing

C. Relaxation by CBDT for Furnishing of UID in TDS Returns for q/e 31 Dec. 2015 and 31 Mar. 2016

CBDT has received representations that due to operational constraints, the Form 15G/15H and the details thereof could not be included in the quarterly statement for the quarter ending 31.12.2015 and 31.3.2016, therefore taking into account the concerns of the stakeholders, the CBDT, vide Circular No. 18/2016 dt 23 May 2016, has relaxed the condition of furnishing of Unique identification number allotted by the deductor for the quarter ending 31.12.2015 and 31.3.2016 in the quarterly statement of deduction of tax in accordance with sub-rule (5) of Rule 29C.

CBDT Circular 18/2016 dt 23 May 2016

D. CBDT Clarifications on Due Date for Submission of Form 15G/ 15H

The CBDT vide Notification No. 9/2016 dt. 9 June, 2016 has clarified that the due date for submission/ uploading of Form 15G/ 15H declarations by payers on e-filing portal in the  given format is on or before 30 June, 2016.

Further, the CBDT has clarified that the due date for quarterly e-filing/ furnishing of declarations in Form 15G/15H, as received by the payer, from 1 Apr. 2016 onwards, shall be as given below:

Quarter Ending Due Date

CBDT Notification 9/2016 dt 9 June 2016 Simplification of Procedure- 15G & 15H

E. CBDT Clarifications on Annual Submission of Self Declaration Form 15G/ 15H by the Recipient

The CBDT has clarified that the recipient has to submit the self declarations in Form 15G/ 15H to the payer/ deductor on annual basis, for each financial year, instead of submission of the same for each transaction.

Single Form 15G/ 15H Declaration by Recipient for each Financial Year: CBDT Notification 6/2017 dt. 30 May 2017

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