Rule 21 of CGST Rules 2017: Registration liable to Cancellation in Certain Cases

Provisions under Rule 21 of the Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST) Rules, 2017 relating to “Registration liable to Cancellation in Certain Cases”, are as under:

CGST Rule 21: Registration to be Cancelled in Certain Cases (Chapter-III: Registration Rules) 

The registration granted to a person is liable to be cancelled, if the said person,-

(a) does not conduct any business from the declared place of business; or

(b) issues invoice or bill without supply of goods or services in violation of the provisions of this Act, or the rules made there-under;

(c) violates the provisions of section 171 of the Act or the rules made there-under; or

(d) violates the provision of rule 10A.

Amendments History:

1. Clause (b) substituted vide Notification No. 7/2017 central Tax dt 27 June 2017 w.e.f. 22 June 2017.

2. Clause (c) inserted vide Notification No. 7/2017 Central Tax dt. 27 June 2017 w.e.f. 22 June 2017.

3. Clause (d) inserted vide Notification No. 31/2019 Central Tax dt. 28 June 2019.


It may be noted that the above information is based on Updated CGST Rules 2017 (amended upto 5th May 2020), as compiled/ shared by CBIC (i.e. as notified/ amended upto 5th May 2020 by the CBIC). However, for detailed/ official information and/ or subsequent updates, please refer relevant Notifications. E&OE

Further, it may be noted that CGST Rules 1 to 26 (pertaining to Chapters on items, like 'Preliminary', 'Composition' and 'Registration') were initially notified by CBIC vide Notification No. 3/2017 Central Tax dt. 19 June 2017, applicable w.e.f. 22 June 2017 (or as may be specified in respective Rules).

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