Syllabus of GMCS Course of ICAI

Syllabus of General Management and Communication Skills (GMCS) Course of ICAI, which is mainly divided into 3 parts, i.e. general management, communication skills and practicals, is detailed here-under:

A. General Management

(a) Introduction to General Management

Planning; Organizing, Direction, Control; Role and responsibilities of managers at different levels; Working with Teams; Office Etiquette and Discipline; Interpersonal Skills and Relations; Human Resources Management; Time Management; Office Procedures and Manuals; Business and Professional etiquette.

(b) Organization and Management of a Chartered Accountant’s office

Organization of the Office; Office administration; Business Development; Net working

(c) Basic Management of Meetings

Types of meetings; Preparation of Agenda; Arrangements before meeting, at meetings and post meeting; Conduct and Procedures of Meetings; Minutes Drafting.

(d) Art of Public Speaking

What is Public Speaking, Preparation of Speech, Selecting the talk on the basis of occasion, Timing the speech, Addressing a crowd, developing general knowledge through reading and other processes.

(e) Representing before various Governmental and Other Agencies

(f) Art of Negotiation

Objectives; Assessment of strengths and weaknesses; Preparation of arguments/proposal; Dos and Don’ts in Negotiation; Arbitration and Conciliation.

B. Communication Skills

(a) Drafting of letters, reports, deeds, documents etc.

Principles of Drafting, Contents of draft; Hints on legal drafting; Drafting letters; Report Writing; Agreement Drafting; Drafting Memorandum of Understanding and other documents and deeds; Preparation of Project Reports.

(b) Simple Precis Writing and Comprehension

(c) Modes of Communication

Effective communication and its advantages; Written Communication; Listening skills; Barriers to communication; Telephone/Computer based communication like voice mail; email, SMS etc.; Telephone Etiquettes; Dos and Don’ts of Effective Communication.

(d) The Art of Presenting one-self

Preparation of Curriculum Vitae; Preparation for interviews; Dress Code at Interviews, meetings and elsewhere; Dos and Don’ts at the interview; Conduct at the interview; Personal hygiene; Elementary Body Language, Body Postures and Poise.

(e) The Art of making presentations

Planning and preparation; Collecting and Collating Data for the presentation; Designing the Presentation structure; Use of visual aids; Handling Audience; Conduct during presentation.

C. Practicals

i) Group Discussion,

ii) Personal Interview of the Student,

iii) Mock Meetings and Interviews,

iv) Practical Games testing communication skills,

v) Presentation on a Technical Topic’ and

vi) Submission of reports/ deeds prepared.

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