Syllabus – Orientation Programme – ICAI

Syllabus of Orientation Programme of ICAI is mainly focused on development of Personality/ Communication Skills, convergence with business environment / dynamics of profession, etc. besides imparting general commercial knowledge, as detailed here-under:

A. Personality Development

Attitude and Motivation; Goal Setting; Accountability; Self Analysis; Values and Ethics; Personal Grooming.

B. Communication Skills 

Effective Communication; Effective Listening; Effective Presentation Skills; Report Writing; Précis Writing; Sharpen your Reading Skills.

C. Dynamics of a Professional Environment

Understanding of Organizational Structure; Office Code of Conduct; Group Dynamics; Client Relationship Management (CRM)

D. Business Environment 

Business Environment  – Indian and Global; Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) & Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO); E-Commerce and M-Commerce

E. General Commercial Knowledge 

Money Market; Capital Market; Stock Exchanges of India

For Detailed Lesson Plan for Orientation Course (15 days), please refer the attachment:

Detailed Syllabus Orienation Course ICAI

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